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Interactive Patient Care Solutions


Every room has one - a television. Healthcare Information uses television as the information hub for the room, without the need for a computer or set top box. It is a straightforward and effective solution, pulling education, entertainment, games, videos, websites, photos and other content - all into one standard box.

Based on a common and popular platform, Healthcare Information's Android IPTV is a highly flexible platform for healthcare organizations and provides endless options for education, entertainment and information.

Cost-effective and scalable to fit an organization’s needs, there is no need to purchase an expensive "all-in" solution

Healthcare Information's solution delivers results in a manner that accelerates the return on investment. It can increase patient satisfaction and staff efficiency, decreasing readmissions and contributing to better HCAHPS scores. This can result in improved reimbursements.

Android TV

A robust package of television, Internet browser, built-in media player.


More than 500,000 apps to educate, inform and entertain, including the Enterprise Cloud Apps for practical, healthcare focused solutions to common problems.


An efficient way to educate and improve the patient experience.


The ability to prescribe a video or a quiz from your ADT and record the results in the patient data file.